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Note To Self

I have just returned from the big holiday "food" shop.  For some reason they don't call it grocery shopping in NJ; just another part of the Jersey mystique.  I am so tired but have a ton of things to do.  However, they can all be lumped together in the cleaning category *shivers in horror.*  But truly I am not procrastinating.  I am starting to feel the stress of the holidays and need to take a quick and therapeutic break.  So a few quick notes for me to remember:

1. My house will not be perfect for the holidays.  In fact it will make the Island of Misfit Toys look like a barren wasteland.  But it is filled with love too.  And my inlaws have all seen it all before.  And my beloved brother-in-law will be bringing wine.  And my sister-in-law is bringing cookies.  She makes the world's best cookies.

2. The holidays will be tough for The Boy and therefore tough for me.  Tougher than the typical day is, which of late, is pretty tough.  The Boy is doing great in school, but the second he sets eyes on me he's a whole different kid.  His teacher witnessed it for the first time this week and was flabbergasted. (Usually, one of the aide's delivers him to me at pick up time).  He tries to sit on the floor, or spins, or says he wants to stay at school.  It's a struggle to get him out of the building, but I've become so used to it that it seemed normal to me. (I have a really great set of blinders.)  His teacher is going to try and think up some strategies to improve his behavior at home during the break.  Which reminds me of something else:

3. Ask for help.  It is OK to ask for help.  People want to help.  Ask for help.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

4. The Girl is only 6.  God bless her; sometimes she acts like a mini-mom for The Boy.  She really seems to enjoy it, but I need to remember she's still little too.  She gets to act 6; she gets to melt down sometimes too.  She should be enjoying the holidays (& she is); not trying to help me manage The Boy.  I need to remember to give her a fair share of the attention and try to limit any stress she may pick up on.  (See #'s 1-3.)

5. Take DEEP breaths.  Take them often.

Now, the key is to remember these things over the next few weeks.  That, and schedule LOTS and LOTS of playdates.

Happy Holidays!  Stay sane and stay safe.

Ooooh.  And read FATHOM by Cherie Priest. 

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