Krystn (twin_trauma) wrote,


Why do I keep thinking I can do origami?

Is wrong to drink the beer I got for my husband for Christmas via the "Beer of the Month" club?

It's only 11 months to December.  Do the Christmas decorations have to go back into the closet?  Can't I just leave the boxes in the basement like I did last year?

Why aren't there rainbows when it's sunny and snowy at the same time (from The Girl)?

I want to go to Iceland with my mom.

I can't decide which of the 12 new books I bought to read first.  I think I'm going to have to resort to "eeny meeny miny mo."

I know I'm biased, but I think my kids are really cute.

The artificial pre-lit Christmas tree I bought has to go back.  I've never seen pine needles in nature that even remotely resemble the ones on the tree.  Sigh.  Will send it back tomorrow, weather permitting (6-11" of snow predicted).

Wish the husband would get better soon. It's just a virus, but it's been a week already.  He doesn't handle being sick well; he keeps saying he has dysentery!

I want a pet.  Specifically a cat or a dog.

Enough for now. TTFN.

Tags: daily life, dh, munchkins
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