September 8th, 2009


Bringing Back the Blog

OK.  After 7 months of radio silence, I am back.  And hopefully I will stay back because I am way out of touch with too many people and this is cheaper than therapy.

So greetings from the land of bubble wrap and boxes.  That's right. We finally bought a new house.  It only took 6+ years of looking.  Apparently, all I had to do was tell my husband I no longer wanted to buy a house because of the economic downturn.  Never underestimate the power of reverse psychology even if it is unintentional.  It was quite a process, & I hope to fill you all in with future postings.

The short story is that we are still in the same town; kids still in the same school.  We moved about a week and a half ago.  All the essentials are in place: washer & dryer, kids rooms mostly unpacked, and most important, TV/phone/cable/internet.  Oh, and DH has has the TV of his dreams, ie, HUGE! I figure it will start to feel like home in a year or so. 

We have one small issue to resolve (stay tuned for more details) and then we can bring in the painters.  After that, I can unpack and organize in earnest.  And God willing, I will never have to move again.

Signing off while be serenaded by cicadas!