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Fun Friday: Picture Day

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I’ll try and do a general blog here every Friday, but you all know how life is; so bear with me.

Today is picture day and you all are my witnesses.  My daughter picked her own outfit today for school pictures.  It was pink, naturally.  She also insisted on wearing a headband in her hair.  This sounds fine, but she insisted on wearing incorrectly.  It’s sitting about halfway back on her head but not pulling any hair back.  Nope, just sitting there on top of her head. I tried to convince her to wear it differently or not wear it all, but she insisted.  I believe in letting her express her little 6-year old self.  And I believe in picking my battles, especially 5 minutes before we have to leave from school.  BUT I know someday in the future she’s going to ask me why I styled her hair that way for pictures.  I’m sure she won’t believe that it was her idea…I’m counting on you to back me up on this!

Have a great weekend.

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