Krystn (twin_trauma) wrote,

To Tree or Not to Tree?

Well, that WAS the question....

After searching for a house for 5+ years, we finally made an offer.  This house (House A as we'll call it) is a ranch on a completely flat lot with no trees.  OK, there are 2 but there are so far from the house they are practically in the street.  We had a verbal yes on our offer, but before the paperwork was signed, the seller said they had received another, higher bid.  Did we want to change our offer, they asked.  While we were considering this, the house next door to House A came on the market.  This house (House B) is a colonial.  It has is a relatively flat lot, a moderate amount of green lawn in the back yard, and then a slightly (IMO) wooded area.  House B has a nicer kitchen than House A, but it is listed at about 100K more than our formerly accepted offer on House A.

And this prompted the Great Tree Debate of 2008.  Forget the presidential debates, this is the stuff you really want to see.

Regarding House A:
DH:  Look at that flat lot.  No trees at all.  It's perfect.
Me:  The first thing I was going to do was plant trees.......
DH: [Looking horrified].   Uh....wait there are 2 trees right there.  I was planning to have those chopped down.  Maybe we could keep them?
Me: [Disgusted silence]

Regarding House B:
DH: We'd need to complete plow under the entire back yard.
Me: What! Why?
DH:  It's a forest.  All those big trees; all those spindly little trees.  You can't even walk through it.
Me:  Look at this nice stretch of lawn in the back yard.  They have a swing set and plenty enough room to kick or toss a ball back a forth.  And I'm sure my father would LOVE to come out with his chain saw and take care of all those spindly little trees.  But even with them, there is plenty of room to walk and play back here, even in the wooded part.
DH: You're crazy.
Me: But you keep telling me "it's all about the children," and the children LOVE trees.  I've seen them hug them. They've brought home seedlings from school that I am struggling to keep alive just so we can plant them "when we buy a new house."
DH: [Stubborn silence]

Of course, then the world came to an end and we decided to not do anything at all.  So the ranch will probably be sold to the people who put in the higher bid.  In time, the economy might stabilize, and House B might come down in price.  And I might convince my husbanded he is a frustrated woodsman.  Ha!


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