Gone, But Never Forgotten

Edward Joseph Sheltrown
February 1, 1915-August 29, 2008
Beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, brother, cousin and friend.

Ed is survived by his wife, Helen, six children, twelve grandchildren, and six great grandchildren, his sisters, Lillian Wade and Leona Hayes, and his brothers, Clyde and Rudy Sheltrown. 

I miss you, Bahda.
i don't get it

Where Have All The Froggers Gone?

 Frustration abounds today.

I am aging myself here, but can I just say I miss Frogger.  And Ms. PacMan.  I'll even go so far as to say I miss Atari and Pong.

The Munchkins turned six last week (yes, I feel old).  The Boys favorite gift by far was his Nintendo DS Lite.  His favorite game is Lego Star Wars.  He has managed to teach himself to play it.  Thank God!  At first he kept asking me for help, but that stopped after he had to witness Mommy running around the room, screaming and pulling out her hair.  Whatever happened to up, down, forward, back and jump?  What is Free Play?  What to the X and Y button do?  I can't even get Anakin to jump half the time or unlock any doors.  Sigh....

We had a birthday party for The Boy on Saturday and The Girl on Sunday.  May I never see cake or a pizza again.  And I really need to finish those thank you notes and get The Munchkins to sign them.

The dirty laundry is breeding like rabbits in the laundry baskets.  Off to be domestic! 

ETA:  LEGOs.  They are evil. The end.

Live from Krystn's Clinic

Two children, 2 colds, 3 infected ears.  Add one Mommy with a cold.  Put in bed and allow to rest (ha, ha, ha!).

Under the subject of "Too Cute:"

The Boy:  Mom, what's this under your arm?

Me:  That's stubble from my underarm hair. (Don't judge; showers have been hard to come by.  See above.)
The Boy: Is that like fur?

Me:  Well, kinda.  I guess you could call it that.

The Boy:  WOW!   We really are mammals!

g'bye cruel world

Hazard Pay, Anyone?

Recent events have convinced me I need a raise. Or at least hazard pay! And all because the boy is really into bugs and trains.

Last weekend we took the wee ones for a train ride on an old-fashioned caboose. The important thing to know about old fashioned is that it means NOT air conditioned. I pre-purchased the tickets otherwise I think we would have rescheduled our sauna train ride. But we were committed (or should be) and off we went. Of course the boy wanted to sit in the "cupola" of the caboose which mean hotter air, less breeze and the occasional wasp. The bright side: I think I sweated off a few pounds.

Three days later we went to a program sponsored by the local library's summer reading program. This years theme is "Catch the Reading Bug!" We got to get up close and personal with:

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Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

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a Giant Millipede

Giant Millipede

a Emperor Scorpion

Emperor Scorpiomn

And yes when I say up close and personal I mean we touched them.

The things I do for love.... 

brain cell


I am officially defunked.  Although it took some doing.  It's amazing what 5 days in Cancun with your best friend of 30 (gulp) years can do.  Especially if she has been trying to corrupt me get me to loosen up for at least 25 of those years.   Now, what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun, but I can share the following:

She did get me out of my tankini and into a bikini (albeit with a cover up).  Apparently everyone wears a bikini in Cancun no matter what their shape or size.

We got tattoos (albeit temporary/henna ones, much to my hubby's relief).

She worked on my flirting skills (albeit with our husbands and via text messages).

All in all, the trip was a huge success and a follow up trip is in the works.  Vegas, here we come (maybe!).

But wait, there's more.  I was home for 3 days and then off to the Jersey Shore.  It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here.  And NJ is notorious for having horrid weather on Memorial Day weekend.  We had to take advantage of your good fortune.  So 2 more days of sun and sand for me albeit the ocean was a tiny bit colder.  We came back Sunday so we could fit in a visit with the in-laws and avoid Monday traffic.   

Now it's back to the routine!

Go, Redwings!!


Welcome to ..... Funkytown

An in, I'm in a "funk."

Sorry for recent radio silence.  

Other than running an infirmary, things are fine here.  No obvious reason for said funkiness.  Hopefully upcoming trip to Cancun will alleviate the funktitude.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mommies out there.

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Adventures in Tanning, Politics, and Party Planning

 First and foremost, happy birthday to my DH.  As usual, The Girl was in charge of planning his special day.  
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Second, the budget passed. 
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And third, well the third requires back story.  My best friend (P) still lives in Michigan which means I actually only see her every other year or so.  We've been talking about going on vacation together for awhile now.  What better reason than turning 40.   We decided to time our big escape between our birthdays.  We tried to bring the guys along, but my DH was unwilling.  If you need to ask why, don't.  It's not a pretty explanation.   

Our requirements for the trip were somewhere warm, sunny, beachy, and with a spa.  We decided on Cancun.  Neither of us have been there.  And we've finally finalized our trip.  May 16-20! Happy Mothers Day to us!!

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autism ribbon

I'm back.....

But just for a quick post.  If I start visiting Friend Pages I'll never get to sleep tonight.  And sleep is a priority tonight.  So a few quick thoughts:

1. April is Autism Awareness Months; I hereby pronounce you "Aware."  If you know a parent of a child with autism, give them a hug.  I guarantee you they need it.

2. School funding and property tax reform.  We can put a man on the moon, and we can't fix this.  Check this out.   www.voteyesfordenville.com  This is what I have been working on for the past 6-7 weeks.  If anyone has feedback, we'd love to hear it; especially from someone objective.

3. Related to #2.  Wow, am I glad I found LJ before I ever visited other online forums or blogs!  I need to get back here to reaffirm my faith in people.  And don't be fooled by #2.  I still hate politics.

Now for the good stuff.  The Boy has moved on from being obsessed with presidents to being obsessed with presidential assassinations.  Today we printed out pictures from Wikipedia of the assassinations of Lincoln and Garfield.  OK, maybe that's not good.

We went to a theatre and saw Horton Hears a Who.  It took 10 minutes (& several bribes) to get The Boy into the theatre (mega-plex type).  We watched through the open doors of the room while sitting in the hall but we did it.  Thanks go to The Girl.  I was going to take her by herself for 1 on 1 time with mommy, but she wanted to go as a family.

Yes, this means Dr. Seuss is still a big hit at our house.  

And so are bugs.  We went hiking last Sunday and managed to find some insects and other "fauna."  We saw Yellow Citronella Ants (we had to research on line to figure out what they were), a millipede and a slug.  And we brought home (for a few hours only) a snail.  I get major mommy points for all that.  

Today in Science at school, the Munchkins learned about dung beetles.  Guess what they eat?

The Boy is spending time with a typical class and doing pretty well.  It's been an experience.  Perhaps someday I'll share.  Too tired tonight and it is a long story.

The Girl still loves Daisis and gymnastics.  We'll also be trying soccer again this Spring.

Good night.  Sleep tight.

dancing penguin

Doing a happy dance!

February is OVER!  My goal for February was not to buy any new books (ahem, for me).  And I did it!  Thank God I picked the shortest month of the year.  So, of course, today I went to the bookstore.  I am now the proud owner of the following:

Dead to Me by Anton Strout
Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry
The Outer Demon Wails by Kim Harrison
Predatory Game by Christine Feehan (guilty pleasure)
Biting the Bullet by Jennifer Rardin
The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
The Cat in the Hat Comes Back by Dr. Seuss

They didn't have the Goblin Quest books in stock (BAD bookstore. BAD!)  I'll have to order those online.  Then I'll be tempted to pre-order books, and I always end up wishing I hadn't. I miss the immediate gratification of buying a book The Day it is released in a store.  No, I'm not impatient; not me.  And it's not as if I don't have anything to read, either.

But March also means a new goal.  You know what it is, don't you?  I've given you enough hints.  It's back to the gym for me.  At least 4 days a week.  I am so cringing as I write this.  And I'm already making excuses for not going tomorrow.

The boy is sick and has a fever.  A fever today means no school tomorrow.  Yes, we have been getting the antibiotics in him so I don't think we are dealing with the strep here.  Probably a virus.  And this time he is acting sick; he's currently passed out on the couch.

Tomorrow is Read Across America Day.  The Munchkins have been learning about Dr. Seuss at school in preparation for the festivities; hence The Cat in the Hat books above.  We already have several Dr. Seuss books but they are some of the lesser known titles.  The Girl even drew a picture to mail to Dr. Seuss for the Cat in the Hat book.  She wants to mail him the picture, but I don't think he could use it, even if he were still alive.  Ahem, take a look.
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It's his TAIL, people.  Get your minds out of the gutter.

Seriously, that is one happy looking cat.  DH and I can't keep a straight face when we look at it.  She wants to know why we keep laughing.  Anyone want to volunteer to explain it to her?

Have a great week.

i don't get it

A is for.....


*Note: names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Sunday night as I was drifting off to sleep, my DH says, "My throat has been scratchy for several days now.  I think I have strep"

Me: Can't be strep.  Strep really hurts; you'd hardly be able to swallow.
DH: Uh, no. Remember last year when I had strep and my only symptom was the scratchy throat.  I had to take antibiotics.

[Remember last year?  I can barely remember yesterday.]

Me: No, but if you say so, Streptococcus Stan (SS).  Maybe you should go to the doctor.

DH grunts, falls asleep and begins to snore.  OK, maybe I wasn't overly sympathetic, but DH is a self-proclaimed hypochondriac.

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Did I mention I hate antibiotics?

Currently reading: Greywalker by Kat Richardson and The Sister by Poppy Adams
Just finished: Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustanis
Up next: Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry and Dead to Me by Anton Strout